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Welcome to the Q Training & Education Development! Our success is driven by the highest quality customer service. We can meet the requirements even of the whimsical clients; there are no complex tasks for us! Thanks for your choice!

Our company is focused on different areas. We are guided by the equity principle. But equity approach is not only right in principle. It is right in practice. This means, in practice, doing a better job of mapping the areas of greatest need – looking beyond averages and disaggregating the data so as better to target the hardest to reach.

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Let our expert staffing team help with your professional and administrative jobs in the industries you want to work according to your recruitment requirements.
Q Training and Education Development is looking to Provide the best learning environment with positive energy by providing specialized and professional staff, modern equipment and modern technology

Bring inspiration and creativity to every student or trainee
Q Training and Education Development seeks to be the first in the field of education, development and rehabilitation of the disabled in partnership with competent trainers and the creation of training programs that contribute to the development of individuals and institutions and work on partnerships with local and international institutions.

English Language Training Courses

Learn English language and improve your listening, writing, reading & speaking skills. Explore our courses & get a free consultation & guidance to meet your exact learning needs.

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Our students learn from the best, inspirational academic staff with
a genuine passion for their subject.

Between 2008 and 2014 we doubled the number of our academic staff submitted for research assessment. We encourage early-career researchers and have a distinctive appeal based on academic excellence, entrepreneurialism and innovation. Our academics balance teaching, research and working with external organisations.

Our professional staff ensure the smooth delivery of the University’s activities. Their work contributes to an outstanding student experience, supports research and underpins successful partnerships and collaborative working with external organisations.

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We offers programs as well as a comprehensive range of services.

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We work with a trusted, select group of partners to co-create tailored propositions. That take your business through intentions energize which position you to anticipate and prepare for future challenges that are over the horizon.

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